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    [For Sale] Blog / Other template

    This is a template I made in mind for a blog, but it can be easily converted to something else.

    View watermarked image.

    • .PSD file
    • .jpg images
    • CSS layout
    • Validates XHTML transitional
    • Valid CSS
    • Easy to update any aspect of the layout through CSS style sheet
    • 1 html file, 1 css style sheet, 1 .psd, numerous .jpg files

    Design is entirely in CSS! (except for the actual blog entries, as they are tablature data)

    The "About" link is an example of a mouse-over link.

    Some soft gradients add character to the menu bars and blog entry title bar.

    Price: $50 USD
    (via PayPal)

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    looks like a good deal, i wish you best of luck on your sale
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    I need some ad quick ad money :p

    Price is now $30 USD

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