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    Mailbox sizes and sending large emails

    Dear all,

    a client of mine has been trying to send an 18Mb file by email through a mailbox with a 10Mb capacity.

    Now at first it may seem obvious that the problem lies in the capacity of the mailbox but I just wanted to check this out first if I may.

    Does outgoing mail actually have anything to do with the mailbox itself? I thought it just went through the ISP, not the hosted mailbox account (in this case the two are seperate as the mailbox in question is part of my hosting package for hte client and I do not provide an ISP service).

    Would increasing the mailbox capacity to 20Mb have any effect? I don't want to increase the cpapacity because I have a lot of users and increasing the capacity of mailboxes would lead me into having to get a new harddrive installed and I'm not at that stage yet.

    Any thoughts would be gratefully received. Should I just send this guy to check his ISP's limits?


    PS. I am running a Red Hat ES box, with WHM/Cpanel and using exim.

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    Mailbox quotas have nothing to do with email sending sizes. What error is the client getting?
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    Also, if they are using webmail, it may be a PHP size restriction. You can up that easily enough.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    The error is just a failed send after several tries. Wach attempt just sits there sending the email for ages, and then seems to simply abort.

    The client is sending through outlook express not webmail.

    Should I send them to their ISP then to investigate do you think? It is unlikely to be the recipients mailbox which is at fault as the recipient is a printing firm who regularly receive large emails for pieces of work.

    Cheers, Jireh.

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