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    1and1 signup frustrastions

    I signed up for a 1and1 Windows Server III on Monday and it has been a very frustrating experience:

    I was told when I signed up that they were out of the server three and so it would be anywhere from Tuesday until Thursday when I would get the box. No problem.

    Their control panel is a bit confusing and showed my account in "Ready" status, but it actually was not. I was told that it would have IP addresses show up when it was ready.

    Wednesday it has IP addresses, but it turns out that is just another step and that it still needs to be installed. I post a support question using their website.

    Thursday, talked to someone and it will be done by Friday.

    Friday, talked to someone and it should be set by Saturday.

    Saturday, talked to someone and it will be ready some time that day.

    Saturday night get back from a friend's and call at midnight. The server is now only one hour away from being ready. Time to get some sleep and spend all Sunday working on the box.

    Sunday morning... if you are paying attention you can probably guess- server is not ready. BUT it is just 1-3 hours away from being ready.

    Sunday three hours later: it will be ready by 6:00 PM tonight. I am not holding my breath.

    Ow, and Sunday morning I got a response to the email I sent Wednesday. That is 5 days. FIVE days for an email response.

    I hope that these problems are just temporary, but these do not bode well for the future. I will post again at 6:00 tonight.

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    Well. It is now past 9:00 PM and it is still not online. I called support and was told that the issue would need to go to a supervisor and so I will have to call in after 8:00 AM on Monday. So much for 24/7.

    I am reminded of the comedian Steven Wright. He goes up to a store and the owner is just locking the door. Steven says “Hey your sign says ‘Open 24 Hours’”. The owner responds, “Yea, but not in a row”.

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    I contacted them this morning. The positive side is that they admit there is a problem. I see this as a big step forward. They supposedly have a technician working on the box. The hope is that it will be ready by the end of the day. Maybe since it is a weekday there is a chance it will be resolved.

    I have the feeling that all the advertising they have been doing is swamping them.

    If this drags on, does anyone have recommendations for an inexpensive dedicated 2003 Windows server?

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    Thanks for your timeline here. It's disappointing that you were promised delivery several times. - Shared and Reseller Hosting Solutions on cPanel/WHM Linux Servers - Discount ModernBill Licenses, Hosted Installations, and Professional Services
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    1&1 do have rather rubbis support times.

    It usually takes them a day or so to reply to you via e-mail.

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    They seem to have a strange setup. Most places encourage you to use email / on-line to cut down on 800# costs. They seem to push the 800 number. And because the control panel is very unclear about status and they will not email when the install is done they seem to unnecessarily increase their call volume.

    But it is hard to know from just the first week. Time will tell.

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    Well a quick final update. The box is ready as of this morning.

    I have to say if support had acted over the entire time they way they did the last two days this would have been an easier experience.

    1) They acknowledged there was a problem.
    2) One person gave an exact accounting of what the problem was (bad image from MS).
    3) They emailed when they missed a time they were shooting for to appologize.
    4) They let me know that the would email me when it was ready (I would not have to just keep trying to access it).
    5) They emailed when it was in place.

    I am hoping it will now be clear sailing.

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    Good to know that you finally got it. All the best.

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    How is your experience with 1and 1 after a week passed by??

    I like their Windows III server, do you recommend it after using it for a week? (Beside your bad experience with the setup)

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    I ended up getting a server from another company. My sense is that this was unusual. I would just check with them that they are in stock. The 90 back guarantee is nice.

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    Do you mind if I ask you which other company you got the server from? Do you like them?

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    How is your experience with 1and 1 after a week passed by??

    I like their Windows III server, do you recommend it after using it for a week? (Beside your bad experience with the setup)

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    I can confirm the same hassle in signing up with 1and1, I did it with a root II server.

    Ordered the server late wednesday evening.

    Emailed thursday to check on status (perhaps I'm overzealous but I'd read they were very fast at delivering).

    Friday the server was set up but no IP yet. I called and got the message "unusual call volumes ---> click". Called right back and after 10 minutes talked with someone, who was quite friendly, and was told the server would be ready within 24 hours.

    Saturday still no IP so sent another email.

    Sunday evening, still no IP and no response to the email sent even last Thursday.

    I've just got off the phone with technical support again, this time I was patched right through. I was told that he would start a trouble ticket with support and correspond with me via email to let me know a definite time to get the server set up. I was also told that 1and1's absolute maximum setup time is 1 week.

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