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Thread: speed measuring

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    speed measuring

    guys, I desperately need your help;

    Is it that the ping command is the ultimate way of measuing speed [to webhosts]?

    I used tracert [traceroute] to do both tasks [see how many hops/packet loss if any] and do the ms thing. Sure ping does it as many times as you want and maybe more accurate, however this doesn't have to be 100% accurate, 90% would work too.

    Any feedback is welcome.

    On that I wrote some work for my degree and I need to address this issue with my master. She reviewed it and mentioned my method is incorrect and had suggested the ping command for the speed measuring.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello, just thought it might interest you:

    Traceroute is a good way to determine path but, just as ping, it should not be used as the last word when it comes to speed evaluation. ()

    The ultimate test is the download speed test. To do that you should ask the host for a test download file. That's about the best way to judge speed. ()

    Because the host might try to fool you by giving you a test file located on a fast, almost empty server, it might be even better if you'd contact a current customer and ask him/her to post a test file on his account.
    For more info:

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    Try searching

    web host speed test in google search engine. You can find good results.


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