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    Post Need resellers for company software. Earn 50% on each sale.

    I am looking for a few resellers to help sell our software. Each reseller will earn 50% on each sale, and has the option to discount every product UP TO 20% below retail.

    We will design the software interface to virtually make our company invisible, so your buyer does not know you are the reseller. The design can be whatever you want it to look like.

    Our company website is at, and we have been in business since January 2003 with over 300 customers. Below is a list of the following products you will be reselling:

    eNom Domain Grabber
    WHOIS Analyzer
    Zone File Comparer
    Domain Name Database Lists
    - PendingDelete
    - RedemptionPeriod
    - Expired
    - Hold
    - Pre-Hold

    Again, on every sale you will keep 50% and you have the option to discount each of our products up to 20% off of face value. Below are the prices our products retail at:

    eNom Domain Grabber $129.95
    WHOIS Analyzer $69.95
    Zone File Comparer $399.95
    Domain Name Database Lists (Varies between $29.95 - $63.95)

    We are also looking to develop new products, and if you think of any that sound good to us. Pitch the idea to us, we will develop it, and you will retain 65% of all your sales.

    Also, just to clear anything up. You handle all your sales through whatever processing vendor you choose. Twice during the month (15th and end of month), we will send you your list of sales during that period, along with the total amount due. In general, you have 14 days to pay the balance.

    Once you become a reseller of ours, we will send you a serial number generator for each of our products so you can send your customers their product and serial number right away without having to wait on us. This is also how we track sales; through our serial number generator as it adds each sale to our database.

    If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected]. My name is Blake. Thank you.
    Domain Software, LLC.

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    Link should be above post has a comma at the end - hope you dont mind me pointing that out flitcher
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