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    need secondary dns service

    I have a server hosting domains which is nameserver (dns1) like itself. I need secondary dns server, so when server is down, mail is not bounced back and isp will not drop dns informatin, because of server is not accessible. I'll have about 200 domains on the server. Please make offers here.

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    I can provide this service for $5/month for up to 200 domains, $10/month for up to 500 domains, and $15/month for up to 1000 domains.

    There are also places that you can go for free if you don't have many domains.

    Contact by PM only please.

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    Do you need to have backup mail service?

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    It would be advisable to have a backup MX server as well, which I could also provide.

    Contact by PM only please.

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    I am Also looking for a Backup MX Solution, What did you finally go for ?
    Ahmed Shaheer

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