Hi all,

Let me begin by saying that yesturday I was doing some fill-in work at a department store. The store uses magnetic technology to prevent items being stolen. Well there was this one customer who had been 'shopping' for several hours. Not exactly shopping, but shop lifting. So I continued to watch and notified security on my 'walkie talkie' type device. They informed me that until\l a magnet sounded an alarm through the buzzers at the front of the store, they can't act or the store renders its self liable for up to $20, 000 if the 'customer' sues.

So I continued to watch. it was getting to the point where I saw her taking a 99 cent book when I laughed to myself that someone would steal a 99 cent book.

Here it came, the customer walked through the buzzers and they sounded an alarm and were flashing. So now the customer sees me and the security looking at her and slowly walking over. The girl at the buzzers asks to see the lady's receipt.

So the thief points the finger at me saying that she had exchanged the item with me at the customer service counter. I disagreed and for the next half hour we (me, manager, security, lady near buzzers and the thief) went through receipts, credit card statements etc. until we could prove the customer was guilty.

Once we had this, we took her up stairs to the managers office and notified her that any one who steals anything over $200 will be prosecuted under company policy. She stole $350. Next came the thing I couldn't believe.

"Can I use a discount card?"

She wanted to use our **** 15% off discount card! Legally, we had nothing to say that she couldn't, but we could still prosecute.

It almost reminds me of the time a few weeks ago I was working in the bathroom area of the store. As I received a 35% commision on any item from this certain brand, I was eager to sell this toilet. I mean, it was our most expensive at around $700. The customer wanted to pay by credit card, so I went to go get a portable processor. When I was out, I heard a scream from the customer and they ran away. Horrified by loosing a sale, I went over to see what made her scream.

Someone had used the display toilet. Seriously, who goes and sits on a display toilet and goes in a department store that averages any where from several thousand shoppers a day? No privacy?

Or the time someone came back to return their mobile phone they bought from us. As we can only return phones with a valid reason, I questioned the customer. They said it wouldn't receive calls. I checked their receipt and they had purchased the phone 18 months ago so I kindly mentioned to the customer that we only have a 30 day money back guarantee.

They then said :
"Its never worked. Ever! I'm never buying a phone here again! Its hard and doesn't work"

I observed the phone. Apparently it had never been turned on before. I told the customer, and was told "but that uses power" i said yes, but thats the only way to receive calls. Our debate continued for a while =)

Thanks for listening....i know its boring but hey, its my BORING life. If you want more of my experiences, I'll gladly post them.