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    Need help promoting my site


    I just launched my site Through this site I plan to give no-ads free hosting (1 yr, cpanel, MySQL etc), targeted traffic, paid survey membership etc. But I think the best product that i am giving away is hosting.

    I give the hosting free when someone signs up for some free offers.

    Can someone advice me on how i can market the site? I think it would be sometime before the site starts getting listed in Search Engines. I am also advertising in some PPC.

    Any other ideas would be welcome. My budget is not huge.


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    I don't think You can expect to much help on this one. You better search the forum.
    After all You are offering free services, and other people on this forum try to make a living from offering the same services.

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    i hope it is not true

    we are all competing against each other in trying to get customers. this does not mean that we need to stop helping each other.

    hope i am right.

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