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    Redesign of

    Hi. I got bored and decided to make something new so I came up with
    Its just an interface right now. Can i have some comments and recommendations on that look. The current design i have on my website is
    which one looks better.?

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    I actually prefer the current one

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    It is nice but I prefer the current one. The test1 mockup is less professional........sorry I understand change if often good but when somethings not broke then don't fix it. You may want to spend your creative energy on other areas of your business. Or better yet get a new client and let them pay you for your creative energy.

    All the best,


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    Do you think I have the skills as far as Designing goes to make it in the market?
    Any recommendation for getting clients?

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    hey I like the new one

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    Yeah, the newone is nicer..
    but what is the butterfly on?
    That looks like deer feces lol

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    The butter fly is sitting of berries.
    Thanks for all the comments.

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