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    Anyone knows how good is


    Ive been looking around win2k3 resellers with helm... (or any control panel with a pretty good billing system built in..) and found

    I guess I wanna know if anyone has had good experiences with them and how long have they been in the business? I almost signed up, but mu gut told me something was wrong with there company...I guess I was right...

    Anyways, anyone? Ive done a search on them and couldnt get clear infos...

    Thanks thanks...

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    Try sending them some mails to sales & support and see the response time. You may also try to search under general search engines for them.
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    Try searching them on google, they might be listed on other forums.

    Also, as contact sonia said, try e-mailing them and clock their times.

    Also make sure they are a registered company. They say registered companies are likely to stay in business longer then someone who isnt.

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    How do you know they are registered companies?

    I also tried emailing them and there reply time is within minutes... so far so good...

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    5,778 has been in business since 2002 it is a sub of Techark Internet Services which has been in business since 1999.
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    Thank you very much Techark. Much appreciated.

    Btw, he is the owner.

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    I have been with them for over 1 year and it has been a great experience. They respond quickly and are helpful.

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    I have been with Techark / since 2002 after a couple of awful experiences with other companies.

    I can't think of enough good things to say about Techark and his entire crew. They know what they are doing both in IT and in Customer Service, and it shows. They are extremely responsive with very fast expert & friendly help. IMO you also won't find better prices for such high quality hosting and just as high level of service & support as you get there.

    I know I've found a home at Techark / for many years to come.

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    Totally agree...

    Only three months and a half with them but all runs almost perfect.
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