Hi, i've got a file that has a very huge amount of download requests, and poeple are downloading it fromy my server, thats the only place it is on. My bandwidth which seems to be 30 Mbps uplink max, has been maxed out for around 3-4 days now, constant upload at 3000 K/s. I was wondering if there is a script that exists and sorts out the downloads properly enabling the server to upload at 50 K/s per user as an example...

One more thing i really looking for is, a bandwidth moniterer that can be viewed using a normal webpage and inserting the code in it, so poeple can see accuratly, how much bandwidth is being used and how much is left..

I saw that idea before at the SteamPowered website..it showed how much bandwidth they have, how much is used, and how much is left.

How can i make the same for my site..

PS: Sorry if this is in the wrong section, i wasen't sure where it was sopose to be.