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    here and there

    another one of those 'where would you live' threads..

    Ok so we're now down to, *drumroll*

    Houston, Texas
    Victoria, Texas
    Tampa, Florida
    Miami, Florida

    Have at 'er! (aka input required...)

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    Actually I might be going to Miami, Florida to check out some business opportunities.. we're currently in Montreal but the weather is killing us. I heard Miami is pretty good for internet connectivity, so I might be opening a POP there also.

    Personally I won't stay in Canada for different reasons, first one is the bandwidth pricing, second is the weather and third I don't want to die in a car accident because everytime you drive here you have 50% chance of getting killed. I don't know if its the cold but the percentage of the population that consumes alcohool is very high and even the mortality rates on the road is higher then other places (keep in mind the entire province of Quebec has a population of 7 million) and we have a lot more deaths on the road then say the entire state of NY. I think Paul Rusko can testify

    What can I say, Montreal has some of the worst temperature extremes in the world.. when its hot its 40 Degrees and when its cold its -40.. it's like living on Mars (ok well almost).
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    I'd choose Lanzarote in Canary Isles to be my place of retirement...

    Or alternatively, if I manage to get enough $$$, I could consider buying my own tropical island somewhere

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    Originally posted by Eibwen
    Or alternatively, if I manage to get enough $$$, I could consider buying my own tropical island somewhere
    Is that site for real? I guess just seeing the Google Ads right in the middle kinda throws me off, you would think a business that delt in island real estate would have enough money to maintain an ad-free site...
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    I am a Singaporean, and I will live in Singapore. FINE country really so long as you get used to it. Dun like alcohol, cant drive, dun smoke, dun chew gums. It is really a nice country. For me I love food. And the variety of food here is fantastic.

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    I'll take Florida over Texas any day.

    We live in Sarasota (50 miles south of Tampa). If I had to choose Miami or Tampa, I'd move to Tampa. YMMV.

    IMO, Miami is more suited if you are young, like crowds and nightlife, and speak at least some Spanish. Florida's west coast is considerably slower paced and less built-up, Tampa being something of an exception but still not half the mess that is Miami.

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