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    New host receiving payments

    I know this question has been asked in the past but not in this specific manner. I need to begin accepting credit card payments on my site. I have decided that getting a merchant account will be too costly in the beginning, and I really don't want to offer paypal as an option either. I have looked at 2checkout but they seem costly at 5.5% and $0.45 per transaction. My average transaction is around $11 and I anticipate around 30 per month for the forseeable future. What do you suggest as a method of receiving payment? Ideally I would like to keep them on my site as opposed to the method where content from another site is brought up to receive their payment.


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    2checkout will release funds at $100 and if you aren'g going the merchant account that, paysystems or cdgcommerce is your only choice. Prehaps it might be worth raising prices slightly to compensate for it?

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    Originally posted by jvds
    ...if you aren'g going the merchant account that, paysystems or cdgcommerce is your only choice.
    First, CDGCommerce provides TRUE merchant accounts...they are not a third-party processor like 2Checkout.

    Second, based on your expected processing amounts, you would be paying the following:

    2Checkout - $31.65
    CDGCommerce - $41.59

    My suggestion, is to go with CDGCommerce for the extra $10 per month and get a real merchant account. You will be happier in the long run with the added control you have, plus they have great rates for WHT members (

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    CDGCommerce is definitely worth the extra $10! Good luck, though.
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    I am accepting through Paypal currently. I also have a 2checkout vendor account but it is not currently in use. Ive heard alot about CDGCommerce here and am planning on looking into it.

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