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    Sever hosting question

    I'm currently using a dedicated server from serverbeach to host my clients, The up time has been great and the service is ok, but i'm starting to pull in more customers and would like to have my own boxes with-in reach.

    Now I'm working out a deal with an ISP about buying out there web hosted customers (about 250), and i don't want to move them over to Serverbeach, i'd like to build a small "dc" and host them locally.

    My question, do you all think that this would be cost effective or should i seek out local solutions for co-located servers?

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    If you're in a Tier 1 city, sure, but don't go out of your way to build a datacenter or to use a substandard provider just so you can be close.

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    It would cost you far to much to run it yourself.
    Locate a decent datacentre in your general area

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    A T1 (1.45Mbps) just to a local ISP is going to run you about $1000/month with loop. Unless you're close to a major city and can get transit to a network there, it's probably better to co-lo.
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    Originally posted by bqinternet
    A T1 (1.45Mbps) just to a local ISP is going to run you about $1000/month with loop. Unless you're close to a major city and can get transit to a network there, it's probably better to co-lo.
    While most WHT readers probably have little interest in T1 pricing, I would like to point out that T1 service is available for substantially less than $1000/mo from many providers in many cities. Hell, I had a Global Crossing T1 in the suburbs of Louisville, KY for < $1000/mo in 1999, and that included loop and backhaul to Cleveland or something equally GBLX-ish.
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    Yeah, i was just weighing out my options. I live in a small valley in southern oregon. The 'data centers' around here charge an arm and a leg ( avg price $200 for a 2u) and that's not including all the extra fees, ip's power back up and whatever else they want to stick you for.

    I've also visited a couple of them and they are nothing more than an office a couple racks and low end hardware and no backup bandwidth. If i wanted to i could walk in a couple of these bulidings and use a creditcard to open the door and be off with some new equipment.

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    ok, so your sorted for equipment for your new datacentre
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    Do what we did..

    Use the Telehouse, get your own Backbone Connection with Ip's and your set ;-)

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    For the hell of it, i called charter and asked how much a 10 meg commit would be and I was quoted $150/meg and 126 IPs.

    Which may seem alot, but i'm in the middle of no where... I would only need a 10 meg commit for the time being so it wouldn't be too spendy, but the kicker is that it would cost $10/foot for a construction fee, my office is 8 blocks from the Head In... haha

    Sometimes it's just fun to call around and see how much something would cost.

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    hehe, just contacted telehouse.

    want to see how much they charge for their dedicated datacenter suites.
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