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    sydnie font

    hi there lokodezine!

    i know it's a late reply, but i hoped you could help me.
    i have been working on a site and have been working throughout it using that sydnie font on illustrator. but to my surprise (or horror...), when i tried to edit some bit of text, the font just wasn't there!
    so i browsed the internet and was happy to find out it wasnt just me having dreamt it.

    it would be really good if you could help.


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    he posted: 10-14-2003
    today is: 05-22-2004

    erm, dont think his going to answer.
    now, for the future use a program called "the font thing" (google it) so instead of installing fonts you just load them up with the program. the file wont auto-magicly disappear from your HD... problem solved.
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    Sydnie is a font embedded in the resource fork of Quicktime and (i believe) iTunes.

    I believe you can extract the font with ResEdit or similar.

    This is assuming you're using a macintosh and a HFS+ filesystem.

    If you're using windows, which uses FAT32 or NTFS, neither supporting resource forks, you'll have to have Quicktime open for the fonts to display, assuming it works in the same way as the Macintosh version.

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