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    Which reputable companies offer low disk space/bandwidth reseller plans?

    I'm looking for a reseller plan to cover my 5 low traffic sites. All I need is 500mb/3gb transfer, and even that might be excessive. I'm shopping for a reseller plan because I don't want to get 5 separate shared plans.

    I want to run 5 sites under one site, but that can expand in the future. The plan I'd like would allow for a definite amount of disk space and bandwidth without restriction on the number of sites.

    Four of these sites are there "just to be there." They don't get many visitors. On one of the sites, Cpanel says "Bandwidth Usage this month 113.28 Meg" and most of that was for downloading a 95mb backup of the entire site in anticipation of this move.

    I need the usual -- Cpanel, unlimited mysql databases (right now, it's about 1 per site), unlimited forwarders (and the ability to pipe a forwarder to a script; on Cpanel, you can just have [email protected] be piped to "|/home/path/memberlist.php"; this isn't spam, btw; just a members list for announcements), PHP/MySQL (I'll need to see a phpinfo() page as I am a PHP application developer and need some of the "advanced" modules compiled in, as well as being able to run some php caching software such as turck-mmcache), and mod_rewrite / .htaccess. I can't think of anything else that I need. SSH access would be a good plus, but I understand that some hosts believe that it is "insecure." I find SSH to be a timesaver, but I guess I could live with CPanel's File Manager and whatnot.

    Support generally shouldn't be needed -- perhaps in the first month of service. All I'd need is that the server stays up without any problems.

    Now, which reputable hosts offer these low disk space/bandwidth plans for resellers?

    I've checked Dathorn, Voxtreme, United Hosting and Httpme, but they all offer disk space and bandwidth far higher than what I want.

    Clook seems to offer what I want (1 gb / 10 gb). Any other hosts with good reputations offer anything similar?

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    I'd suggest the forums on down to search through some offers.

    Since these domains are easily managed (at least from what you've explained) have you considered a shared plan with addon domains? Many companies allow for addon domains these days and this would allow you to host all of your domains under one control panel so you wouldn't need 5 different plans. In all honesty, it's going to be a bit tough to find a reseller account with resources that low.

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    Get a Host Quote - the orange link at the top of the page. Should get some good replies there.

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    Are you set on Cpanel?

    If you would take a look at hsphere, I would recommend speaking with Simon (IHSL) @ DIYHosting. (they may even offer Cpanel as well)

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    1st use hostquote
    2nd use search
    3rd, try google
    4th come back here.

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    I would have to agree.
    Some hosts allow you to add-on a certain amount of domains.
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    most hosts will be able to customize packages for you so your best bet would be to find the company you want to go with and drop them an email to see what sort of deal they can cut you. - Let us help you expand your eBoundaries!
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