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    Idologic 6 Month Review

    I can't believe it's been almost 6 month since I've had my site hosted with Idologic.

    Back in December I had gotten rid of my dedicated server because I didn't need a $100+/month server for just a few sites. I also wanted more than just a shared hosting plan. Mostly because I wanted to be able to control my dns; a reseller account seemed like a good option.

    From the beggining I was pretty unsure who to go with. There were a lot of reputable hosting companies to choose from. I came across a review of Idologic and I was really impressed with the way they treated their customers.

    I decided to give them a shot but I didn't see any plans that suited my needs. I only needed a few sites hosted, so a $30 reseller account was still overkill.

    I private messaged idologic_dh who responded with a very reasonable custom quote. I remember I signed up on a Friday or Saturday but they told me they had a new server coming Monday. They said if I didn't want to wait then I could go ahead and be put on a server. I told them it wasn't a big deal to wait, so on Monday I had my account.

    The next few months I experienced 100% uptime. The staff is excellent and it definately shows that they care about their company the way they take care of their customers.

    On April 26th there was a problem at the datacenter which you can read about here:

    The thing I really really like about Idologic is they keep their customers informed. They update you every step of the way. I recieve e-mails about security updates, server problems, network problems and everything else related to the hosting.

    I've e-mailed them several times about specific questions I had regarding installed packages and VirtualHost entries to the HTTP configuration file all of which they handled very quickly and professionaly.

    Looking back 6 months ago I am really happy that I decided to go with Idologic because they have turned out to be a great hosting company.

    If you couldn't tell by the review, I rate every category of their service a 10. A truly superb hosting company.

    Incase anyone wants to know, both sites in my signature are hosted with them if you want whois info. And no I have no affiliation with them, I am just a very, very satisfied customer. Great job Idologic, here's to another great 6 months .
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    I will agree with you. I used them for about three months. Never had any serious problems, and customers were kept up to date on about everything.

    The only reason I switched is one site I had I needed ASP, and my other site I am getting free hosting for...

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    Jasber, that is one valuable review I must say! And I'm glad you find the right host for your needs.

    Keep us posted. A 1 year review would be quite nice too.

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    heh, its good to read these once in a while rather then a "i just signed up with somehost and they are GReaT"


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    Another solid reveiw from a tradtionally solid host. It's nice to hear a good in depth review, and I'm glad that your host has given you reason for such a good review. Keep up the good work!

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    Nice to know they are flexible with plans. I like having a reseller account but usually it's just for my own sites so the 30$ plans are overkill. I may try them if I have some reason to leave one of my other two hosts.

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