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    [ FOR HIRE ] 3D Modeler / Graphics Designer *** EXAMPLES INCLUDED ***

    Summer time is here, so Turbo Productions is back to 100% workforce. All profits and jobs will go towards my college funding, so expect very negotiable prices and excellent service.

    For those who know me, you can vouche for my dedication, speed, and uniqueness. For those who don't, you can always take a look at my website / portfolio:

    I'm now accepting clients who need custom 3D modeling done, be it Server tower series for your webhosting site, 3D logos, 3D promotional businesscard / letterheads, etc.

    *** Here are some examples of the latest work I've done: ***






    If you haven't had enough, you can check out my portfolio at my website, here's the link again for your convience:

    Here are some testimonials from some of my clients:

    Name: Jason Mabry (Ceo)
    Testimonial: Just wanted to email you guys my feedback about the service and design I got from your company. I have dealt with many companies and nothing like your work even compares with the design quality and service I received. I also got 3 different quotes from design firms and they wanted to either charge me an arm and a leg or they refused the whole design because of how complex the graphics would be. I will recommend anyone looking for a professional design to your service. Thank you for everything you have done.

    Name: m2. tronic
    Testimonial: The first thing that caught my eye about Turbo Productions was the quality of their work. I was simply stunned. I knew right then, that I had to have them make a website for my gaming team. They got it done in a short amount of time and it turned out just how I wanted it to look. Thumbs up for Turbo Productions!

    Name: Stephen Patrick James Anderson I
    Testimonial: I got a great design for a great price! Top class designer with a lot of potential and hard work in him. Worth every last cent no matter what the payment the work is second to none!

    Name: Richard Kelly
    Testimonial: Great job on my logo, fast and courteous.

    Name: Andy Jelinski
    Testimonial: We used Turbo Productions to design a logo for our business -- they did it quickly and very professionally. The quality of the logo is amazing for the price. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a great logo.

    Name: Michael DeCotis
    Testimonial: Where to start, I was so amazed by the work of Turbo Productions, It's one in a million. They got everything right the first time, it was exactly how I visioned it in my mind. You guys definately have my future business.

    Here's the deal, It's summer, I got accepted to SCAD ( Savannah College of Art and Design ) and I need to build up a strong portfolio, so considering me for your next job isn't only helping me pay for college, but also reinforce my portfolio. This means I'm willing to talk about the price until both parties are happy.

    If you like what you see, please contact me:
    ( Please dont PM me on WHT, i'd rather you E-Mail me, AIM, or call my cell phone because I dont check my PM Inbox that much )

    AIM: TurbSC
    E-MAIL: [email protected]
    CELL: 770-312-4324 ( If I don't answer, leave a message with your #, I'll call you within the next 12 hours )
    Turbo Productions Portfolio:

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    Nice to see you on WHT, turbo

    You do great work. Good luck!

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    He's very good. We at Webprosys have used him several times and his work is great.

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    how is your 2d work? i'm looking for a 3d/2d artist i can get in trouch with for various projects that continously come my way that i at times must turn down due to the lack of resources at my disposal.

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