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    * Need some help with FDC and reverse DNS thingies

    Hello I asked FDC to give me more IPS they did now how do I reverse IP to hostname? I have root WHM and need someone to guide me threw this please. I basicly want xx.xx.xx.xx to resolve to lets say. I had setup to resolve to xx.xx.xx.xx and need ip to resolve to domain now

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    You ask them to put in an rDNS entry for you.

    You can't do it yourself unless you have a whole Class C ip block.
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    Ask FDC for CNAME deligation then you can create a zone file with the CNAME'd address for reverse (PTR) deligation. You will be able to PTR the ips after this.


    1 IN CNAME
    2 IN CNAME

    Your Zone File

    Your zone Control

    1 IN PTR
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    Thank you very much. One more question they gave me 2 ips to use as ns1/ns2 for I added ns1. ip and ns2. ip on domain control panel (advanced dns thingie) and then set domain nameservers to be and, now It points at NS1.DOMAIN.COM and NS2.DOMAIN.COM and NS1 and NS2 resolve to ip one and two fdc gave me but domain still no work. What else do I have to do to make domain work? If I host it doesn't resolve but NS1.DOMAIN.COM and NS2.DOMAIN.COM do resolve to ips they gave me but IPS they gave me do not resolve to NS1 and NS2 :-S

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