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    Please review my site. I have just rebuild it last week. Please tell me what you think.

    Thanks, - Speedy OpenVPN & PPTP VPN Services

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    I like the color scheme but the logo doesn't seem to reflect the name of the site, i.e., adoringly. The text is blocky and edgy, the word adoringly seems to convey more of a soft, rounded, flowing feeling. The top navigation bar is also a bit difficult to read because the letters are so small (using Mozilla on a PC).

    Good luck on the site.


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    i change the banner how does it look now? - Speedy OpenVPN & PPTP VPN Services

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    Better but you might want to check out for more ideas on styling the logo. BTW: what is the site about? The cartoon on one of the header images don't lend itself to a good image. If you are going for sexy great, but using that kind of images give me creepy feelings so if you're not targeting that audience I would suggest using some other image.

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    I just got a forum but it looks pretty good

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