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    Klooki Has Disappeared From May 20, 2004


    I am the webmaster of

    I had my site hosted with

    My site has been down since May 20, 2004. I have sent Klooki several email but have had no replies so far. It's really painful that, they don't even reply to any of my email. They are not seen on the ICQ even.

    I have tried all the ways to contact them. But all ended in vain.

    My business has completely gone down because of this and I have lost many of my great clients. I am unable to tackle and answer my clients here. don't even have the courtesy to inform it customers when the site will resume back again. I have asked them for my data backup atleast so that, I can host with someone else. I haven't got any reply for that even.

    Does anybody have the contact phone number of ?

    Is anyone aware of what's going on with and if they will resume back again ?

    Please do let me know at [email protected]

    I am very much worried here.

    If anyone has any idea about, Please let me know ASAP. I will be highly thankful to you.


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    If has closed, how can we get our files and database backups ?

    Do they atleast return our files and backups if we contact at [email protected] ?

    It seems that, they never respond to [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] emails.

    I have sent them several emails. Do they respond to emails sent at [email protected] ?

    If anyone know of anyways to get my files and databases back, Please let me know.

    I will be highly thankful to you.

    I even have all my emails in their webmails. I really require all me emails without which, my entire business will be lost and I will be on the road.

    Please let me know if anyone has any idea.


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    Wait a minute. You run a business and don't have backups?

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    I gave a pause to my business for around a month and was away. In the meantime, many of my members have opened an account.

    That is why I lack my back up.

    Do you find any ways to get my backups ?

    Please let me know and I will be highly thankful to you. does not inform me that, they are going to run out of business.

    That has what caused all these problems for me.


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    phone him

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    A desperate situation indeed... Sorry to hear about your problems gorgeous... As the others have said, you need to get hold of the owner. There were quite a few threads about klooki problems lately. Ask a few of the people who were hosted by them if/how they were able to contact someone at klooki (sent them a PM and/or email).

    Good luck!

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    These types of business pratices absolutely disgusts me. I really feel bad for all the victims involved and hope you guys get at least your files back. didn't have the decency to at LEAST inform their clients they were going out of business. I would be on the phone with an attorney and see if you can sue them.

    Unfortunately this type of problem seems to occur regularly. My advice is to do business with a REAL company. See if they are a real registered company, if they are part of organizations such as the BBB, etc. These should definitely be taken into effect when searching for a web hosting provider. If you take your business seriously, you need to take a careful look at who your provider is.

    My 2 cents.

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    Dear HostingZoom,

    Thanks a Million for your reply. Did you consult your attorney ? What did he say ? Please inform of us.

    I sent several emails to and got a reply from them saying,

    “If you have not kept your own backups then there is nothing we can do for you. We are not liable in anyway to keep data for you. Your billing has been stopped and month refunded“

    When we are not informed that they are going to be out of business, how can we have on the minute backup of our database. Moreover, I have all my emails on their server only. I can't manage without those emails.

    These people have really betrayed all of us like anything.

    My entire business has come to an end because of this.

    What should we do now ?


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    Hello HostingZoom and others,

    Shall we all work together and complain with Better Business Bureau ?

    This really is an act of forgedy on the part of Klooki. They don't even have the courtesy to inform its customers that they are going to be out and that to take our backups.

    They have treated us all really unfairly.

    I sent them an email saying "Legal claims will be made". To my horror, I got a reply from them yesterday saying

    " You have no grounds to make legal action.

    We are not liable for your data and therefore cannot be held for such.

    We do not have your data and are not able to provide you with such "

    We have to teach these people a lesson. They are so daring and careless. They have took money from all of us. They have no rights to spoil others business and reputation like this. We must all file a defamation against these guys and or atleast sentence them to imprisonment.

    Did you consult your attorney HostingZoom ? What did he say ?

    All those who have got burned by Klooki.

    Shall we all join hands and sue Klooki ?

    Please let me know of your concerns and opinions.


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    I am not a customer of I have never heard of them and don't know where they are from.

    As far as complaining to the BBB, there is no point to complain to them especially when went out of business. The BBB is a 3rd party mediator for customers and businesses to help resolve disputes. Before entrusting a web host with your business, you should check out the BBB to see if they have records of complaints. Honest reputable businesses who care about their customers and own reputation become members of the BBB to show that they are a trustworthy business with sound business ethics. Traits many web hosting providers today do not possess.

    Though they said you do not have any legal grounds on suing them, I would consult with an attorney anyway. If your business is worth that much too you, paying the consultation fee to consult with an attorney is peanuts.

    They have already admitted to not having your data so you're pretty much out of luck. I hope you find a solution. Good luck.

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    Basically check their TOS and see if they have anything about backups.

    If it says on the tos, that backups will not be kept, you might have a bit of trouble winning the case.

    Also, before you signed up, you should have been able to have access to the tos and made sure that you have read it.

    If they did not offer you a link to a tos before you signed up, then you definately have a case.

    At any rate, what hostingzoom said is true.

    This is happening way to often and find it hard to believe that this is an endless cycle of companies going out of business. I just hope clients of business such as these make sure they find out more about the host before signing up with them. =)
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    The moral of the story is, make and keep regular backups. At the end of the day, the client is ultimately responsible for their own data. Nobody else cares about it or will safeguard it like you will... If it is important, back it up to your PC.

    To be brutally honest, it is unfathomable to me that clients are not keeping backups? This is a Website 101 sort of thing... eeek. Always, always, always.....

    Hosting customers really should not rely on their hosts to keep backups, what happens if there's a catastrophic drive failure and coincidental tape failure? (I've seen it happen) If the data center catches fire or is hit by a tornado (heaven forbid)? If the server is unplugged due to spam complaints? Bad things happen, every day, and there is never a warning. The only way to combat them is to plan ahead and grab back-ups on a regular schedule so that you are always prepared, no matter what happens...

    I usually find that the older my back-ups become, the worse the failure is, too. LOL So I have learned to make multiple (redundant) back-ups of data, and make those back-ups regularly. It's a painful lesson to learn.

    Hope you're able to piece things together, guys. With any luck once your domain is live again (to a live hosting account) your customers will contact you and will be in a position to pull things back together!!

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