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    Curl doesn't work Internally on Server

    Okay i'm going to try to explain this the best i can, and would like to thank anyone in advance for replying to this post .


    I'm using WHMAutoPilot, but its not working on the server its installed on. From my server the script is able to connect to OTHER servers, and the script on OTHER servers are able to connect to MY server....

    Server Specs:
    RHE + External Hardware Firewall(Private IP addresses are binded to my server, and Public IP addresses are binded to the firewall.)

    However from MY server, the script can't connect to it.

    I've been trying to fix this issue for acouple of days, and some other people have been helping me.. but can't seem to find a solution.

    Now we tracked the issue down to have something to do with my Public/Private IP's.

    1. If i configure the script to connect to the Internal IP.. it works
    2. If i set the script to work with the External IP.. it doesn't work

    Anyone have any ideas on how to make my server able to connect to itself using the public IP, and not just the internal IP?

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    You may want to check your firewall rules as you could be denying connection from yourself as a lot of firewalls do.


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