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    2 LOGOS for sale (Unique logos by S.o.S)

    Hello guys, i came back with some logos to sell.

    I did 3 logos for a client and he choiced one... so now i have 2 logos for sale.


    It was made with Photoshop, open to convert it to vectors if you like (EPS or FH11). I will charge 10 US$ to do it.

    I can customize it with your colors, name and maybe light modifications in the shapes FOR FREE.

    PRICE: 60 US$ or better offer (per logo).

    Feel free to contact me if you have some doubt.

    - Sergio Ordˇ˝ez.

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    VERY nice work Sergio, good luck with your sale.

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    Thanks a lot Debz,

    Lets see if anyone is interested.

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