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    Question's pre-installed Linux

    I submitted an inquiry about pre-installed Linux. To be frank, a bit surprised. only provides very basic linux install. I asked if the pre-installed linux has MySQL, Php, Perl, OpenSSL,OpenSSH, etc. which are included in RedHat typical (complete) install by default. They say No. To have above items installed, I need to order cPanel.

    May I ask those's customers who do not order cPanel, how you install application like MySQL, openSSL? Get them via Internet and install in command line mode remotely or offfers link to their internal CD to install?

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    you can just download the sources or rpm's and install them yourself.

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    Originally posted by seraphex
    you can just download the sources or rpm's and install them yourself.
    Yeah. Easy to install with RPMS. Take a look at
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    Just get the debian-installation.

    Type in apt-get update && apt-get install mysqld apache php proftpd and whatever you want to install
    go have a pee and come back and start doing your things

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    If you install cpanel, cpanel will download the necessary files.

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    Or the FreeBSD installation!

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    so freebsd and debian come with all those modules (mysql, php, etc) OR are easier platforms to quickly install those for the novice?

    what are the pros/cons between freebsd and debian?

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    Just to note, we usually opt for the "defualt" RedHat or FreeBSD install. for our customers setup.

    Some customers *do not* want us to install everything from the CD's.

    There have been cases where we have been asked to remove certain RPM's or applciations. Each customers needs are different, therefore we would rather have a box with the basics, then one loaded down this stuff that the customer doesn't need, or want. After all, it's a simple metter to install whatever RPM's or ports that are needed after.. :-)

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    Not trying to be rude but if you cant take a plain linux box and install what you need ...should you be running a dedicated server? Installing php mysql etc etc is all easy with RPM's but what are you gonna do when you need to secure and optimize your server? sells unmanaged servers so they will not answer "how do i install" tickets.

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