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    Creating a forum???

    I have question. Is there software that you can buy to create a forum on your site? We have a small site and I was thinking a forum would work well for our clients to schedule and views schedules instead of emails, what are your thoughts?

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    Several free ones available.
    Both are quite nice...

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    Bear, thanks for the two sites. Free helps
    I'll see which one might work best for our needs.

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    My personal preference is phpBB. A few important things are not available by default and must be modded in, however I've been much more impressed with it than IPB. However give both a try and see what you think!

    phpBB and IPB would be the only forum software I would ever go with, aside from vBulletin, and that costs money, and honestly I prefer phpBB to vBulletin. There is other forum software out there such as YaBB, but none of them can really compare to phpBB and IPB.

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    Is there software that you can buy to create a forum on your site?
    Does your web host offer Fantastico? Fantastico is a plugin for cPanel which helps install Forums, Blogs, osCommerce and 40 other scripts. It does cost money for the web host but should be in the control panel for FREE for the customers. Look for a big blue smilely face.
    Hope this might help.
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