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    Compaq Presario 1700 - Perfect shape, XP Home, DVD, 2(!) Batteries
    Works fine.

    We had originally bought a similiar model, but it broke, and Compaq replaced it. But by then we had no use for it. So this is barely used. It has some scratches from being in storage for a year and me carrying it around in the same back as my track spikes, but otherwise it is in perfect condition.

    It comes with the DVD player than you can take out. 2 Batteries (we saved the battery from the broken one), the AC cord. DVD Slot Placeholder (if you dont want your dvd player in it, you can put this piece of plactic in its place to protect from dust).

    I do not think I have the XP Home CD though, it has the key on the back of the computer if you ever need it. Its 100% legal etc.

    I'll also throw in anything I can find from now until I ship.

    Specs I can find:
    1.2ghz Pentium 3
    256mb Ram
    XP Home 2002 ed.
    18gb hd
    fairly thin

    This was $1500 2 years ago, so does $800 sound fair?

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    Sounds like way to much worth maybe $350-$400 if that

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    Haha or not, didnt notice it was a laptop.. but still I'd say $600-$650

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    Its in absolutley perfect condition (except for the scratches). I've seen worse laptops sell for more.

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    eBay?? Is the great place to sell it!

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    for a 1.2ghz Pentium 3 i think your looking 650+ only

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    i've sold my P4 1.8M for 750 only lol, but it's a pretty nice deal, if you ever think of lowering the price to 400 let me know

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    Originally posted by ewdi
    i've sold my P4 1.8M for 750 only lol, but it's a pretty nice deal, if you ever think of lowering the price to 400 let me know
    Someone has offered me $400 + iPaq 1945 + dock + all their accessories + a knife for this. Stop trying to get me to lower it. If you honestly think this is only worth $400, you know nothing about computers.

    Also, you could have easily gotten a whole lot more for your computer. I've been offered $750 for mine.
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    yeah, i might not know much about computer

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    Best Buy is selling a brand new emachines P4 widescreen laptop w/DVD and a 64 meg graphics card for like 999.

    I use macs, personally, but that price stopped me cold. It was hard to walk away from it.

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    Selling laptops, especially slightly used ones is very difficult, as prices hold fairly decently, but technology increases, if not becomes cheaper. So $1000 could buy a decent 6mo old laptop, or a brand new one with the same specs... Which do you choose?

    I recently purchased a VPR Matrix laptop from a friend for $100 + AMD 1900+ 512mb, 80gb, 19" monitor desktop + Matrox quad vid card. It was a 2.2ghz P4, 512mb ram, dvd/cdrw, 15.2" widescreen that I got for that.

    Best of luck with the sale. That lapop is most definately worth the $800 you are asking for... however, finding someone willing to buy used over new is going to be hard.

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    Originally posted by ewdi
    yeah, i might not know much about computer
    That was funny ewdi LOL

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    Originally posted by
    I've been offered $750
    Why not take the $750 then instead of advertising here and having the hastle of postage, Paypal, uploading photos etc and asking if $800 if fair.

    Also i doubt you will get near your offer by listing on Ebay, plus there's the fees involved as well.

    I would take your $750 offer and run.
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    considering there is a laptop for sale from bestbuy

    15" XGA TFT display with 1024 x 768 resolution
    512MB DDR RAM
    8x DVD-ROM; 24x10x24 CD-RW
    40.0GB EIDE hard drive
    ATI Mobility RADEON 4X AGP
    Integrated 10/100Base-T Ethernet LAN
    V.90/V.92 high-speed modem
    Weighs 7.3 lbs. and measures about 1.6" thin for portable power
    Windows XP Home Edition

    for $650 after rebates I consider you take that deal as soon as you can.

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