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    Shopping Cart

    What are some shopping carts that you would recommend using?

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    OSCommerce is obviously comes to mind first, very secure and reliable, but may not be as customizable as you need.

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    OScommerce, is there any more that you can think of?

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    That would be my pick.

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    Try CubeCart?

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    OScomm seems cheap ($35.00) is it still that great? I just a little worried because I have gone cheap before and you know what they say, you get what you pay for.

    AZN- Thanks, I will look into cubecart also.

    I'm trying to look at many options as to make the best decision instead of the wrong one all the time... ya know.

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    Are you wanting PHP or ASP? For PHP either OScommerce (free) or zencart. If you need help / hosting, check out: - they have helped our clients out for oscommerce in the past & been very happy with their services.

    If you want asp - check out or

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    Another popular one is Agora. Haven't tried it though.

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    oscommerce has an awsome support forum.
    and in the forum they have a contributions section which has downloads that make it a bit simpler to customize.

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