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    Advertise @

    Hello everybody,

    At the moment there are 6 advertising-spots open (don't have to be music-related):

    3 banners: 468*60 pixels (in rotation - total 5 banners)
    13$ a month

    There will also be a new advertising-option: buttons

    3 buttons: 120*25 pixels (will be placed above the 'who's online'-block)
    only 9$ a month

    The intro-page will also be available in 4 days @ 25$ a month but if you're interested we can deny this cause this has to be music-related but exceptions are always possible!

    Curren stats:
    for this month, may (not over yet):
    Monthly average unique visits: 5623
    Monthly average pageviews: 57862

    If you are interested, please mail me at[email protected]

    Payment --> Paypal has also an other URL -

    *edit* most visitors are european *edit*


    if you are interested in what we do with the money, we make t-shirts with it
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    how much for a sticky thread in your forum?

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    lol .. interesting offer ... how much are you willing to offer for a 'lifetime' sticky thread' ?

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    im open to offers

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    okay, just sold a sticky for 5$/month ... but i will not accept another stickie

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    okay, 468*60 banner sold for a month so

    there are 2 468*60 banner spots still open en 3 buttons.

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    the only thing left are two 468*60 spots - 13$ for a month !

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