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    Site For Sale+Domains!

    I have a complete Web hosting Design and layout up for sale with a Fully installed billing control panel worth 99$ and an additional domain. The website receives decent traffic and is listed in all the major Search engines. Google,Yahoo,Msn,Lycos,Ask etc. The website hasnt been advertised much allthough it receives a decent traffic flow. The domain used to be a big programming forum before with alot of members.

    Search Engine Listings:

    And alot more others.
    So with a little bit of SEO this site has potential to drive visitors.
    The reason for selling this is because i am running a different venture so therefor i am no longer dedicated to this.

    Current Stats:

    May 2004-- Hits=501 Files=359 Pages=25 Visits=13
    Apr 2004-- Hits=390 Files=225 Pages=18 Visits=8

    Domain= Xoolo Web Hosting
    Included in this is also the .COM

    Other domains for sale:,

    Offers above 100$. PM For more details!

    Thank you

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    Does the site come with any clients?

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    What about search engine rankings for the domain for the term "web hosting" or other terms related to the industry?

    I'm not sure many people will type "xoolo" when searching for web hosting if they have never heard of the company before.

    Can you provide other search engine stats?

    Its a very nice looking site, has a lot of potential.

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    Site For Sale

    It comes with 1 client paying $4.95 a month + Client exec licence worth 99$.

    Thank you for the nice comments Amish but i havent really optimized the website or the meta tags in order to bring out any major results and i havent run a ranking report on the domain either so im not so sure. The website has a pagerank 2 though.

    You can start bidding from 50$ and upwards. 100$+ Is the buyout price, Or if you can provide me with a VPS or a Ded server instead PM so we can discuss this. Thank you.

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    Are you paying the clientexec transfer fee?

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    transfer fee

    Yes. i am.

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