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    trouble with zip contents in split form


    I have transfer a few zip files over and are like:

    and so on...

    how do i unzip them together?
    i tried:

    tar zxvf file.tar.gz then i got an error
    then i tried
    tar zxvf xx.tar.gz.part1 then it started unziping and it said that there was an unexpected end! i guess it didnt start with part2 once part1 was completed

    how do deal with this?

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    I wish I could help, but I know that you could just use winrar to do it in windows, then upload it...

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    Are these files from a cPanel backup? I've never seen a tar split it by itself... usually it's some program that splits it, so then you would use the same program to put them back together.

    If it's a cPanel backup archive in the format of username.tar.gz.part then just copy to /home directory and run "/scripts/restorepkg username"
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    it doesnt work

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    it says that it has to be in a form, not split

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    I would recommend a hugely popular and widely acclaimed freeware program the following specifications are as follows:

    OS: Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP
    Languages: English, German, Danish, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Indonesian, Italian and Dutch
    Description: Split large files into smaller ones. Features: Intuitive user interface, Chunk size up to 2GB, with the parts there is a batch file which puts them together again, All settings are saved between sessions, Redirect output to different drive or path, Can always stay on top of desktop, Realistic chainsaw sound!
    Author: Gerhard Schmeusser Company: --
    Home Page:
    Download v 3.6 (chainsaw. zip) (179 KB)
    (desc. rev.: 2004-02-04)

    This and other similar high quality best of freeware resources can be found on this non-profit website that is operated by the widely respected Usenet group alt.comp.freeware

    I hope this can be of some help and to anybody else who need to split up and reassemble files.

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    thanks, before i see this post, someone told me to do this:
    cat cpmove-user.tar.gz.part* > /home/cpmove-user.tar.gz

    and i just hit enter before leaving this msg. I will let u know what happens, its a huge file!

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    okay that didnt work ill have to try your idea now.

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    i just realized this thing doesnt work on linux!!! its 20GB im not gona wait to upload that using my cable interenet (18kb/sec and lower! for upload)

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