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    I know I might sound like a noob, but I've never really bothered doing this... so here it is:
    I need to be able to send fax via computer and also receive fax via computer.
    I have dsl and a modem....
    Anyone got any ideas?

    My fax is sorta broken, only scans 1/2 of page, and I don't think I should go buy a new fax heh
    Any help would be appreciated

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    Add new printer. "Fax Printer" will be an option. Tell it to use your modem.

    Now you can go into Word or Paint or whatever and say Print... then chose Fax Printer. It will then open a wizard to let you type in phone number, cover letter, etc.

    Also, you can goto printers>Fax Printer properties to change the resolution of outgoing faxes and set it to receive faxes.
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    WinFax - great software. It automatically sets up your modem.

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    just an fyi (incase you didn't know this), you can't recieve faxes or send faxes over your DSL Line unless you use a company like

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    1,187 - local incoming fax number, anything you can print you can send as an outgoing fax thru your net connection. Email/pager/celphone notification of incoming faxes. Forward incoming faxes to the nearest fax machine. Fax from your celphone, palm, hotel room.

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