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    Thumbs down lmao ok its like this am hosting my website of them and they say i get free Free Website Templates 300 did i get them No and they say i get Free URL Submission 2000 Search Engines did i get them you lot no what am going to say all am saying they are so **** at hosting and now am looking for new host so can same one help me out on this
    Thks Daniel

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    Care to tell us what domain you hosted with them?

    Anyway, if you're looking for a new host, host quote is where it's at

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    21,913 might be of some help too. Don't for get to use the search feature to find out what people have said about hosts in the past.

    they say i get Free URL Submission 2000 Search Engines
    That would be of no real use. Search engines crawl the web and as long as your webiste has links pointing to it they will find it. You should manually submit to directories. If you are interested in search engine optimization I suggest reading a lot of threads at

    Good luck!

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    Judging by the url in the website button i'd say it's which goes to hosted by ehosting.

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