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    How about the cheap domains? Good or bad?

    I'm not sure if cheap domain names are a good thing, or bad thing. With hosting, you definately get what you pay for. But what about domains? I know they come with extra features and what not, but I just want a domain to point to my website (personal site). I'm looking for the cheapest, and right now 1and1 may be it.
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    it doesn't matter of you pay $6.95 or $35 per year, its the same domain.

    its just what free services comes with the domain like email forwarding, dns management etc.., but since you have hosting you'll get those services from there.

    so if you just want to get a domain and you dont need support you can go anywhere, BUT if you need support or lets say FAST support companies differ
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    Look for a company with good support instead of a rock bottom price. It's not worth saving $2 if you get no or bad support.

    I guess if you have lots of domains, the $2 can make a big difference but if you have just one or a few, not worth trying to save.

    You may not need support for a while but when something goes wrong with the billing or techinical, you'll be glad you opted for the good support company.

    A small test is to send them a question and see how good and fast they answer.


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