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    iPod's Need quick help

    I am interested in getting an iPod, however I don't have much knowledge about them. I am running WinXP and this is the explaination in the auction.

    It's currently Mac formatted. Comes with - original box/manual/original software CD,firewire cable, AC adapter/charger.
    Is this a simple process to format it to WinXP or do they come only formatted for a Mac System?
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    I'm pretty sure you can download the Windows version from Apple and reformat the iPod for Windows. You will of course lose any music or data on the drive when you do this. New iPods no longer come in separate Mac & Windows versions. Not positive, but I would guess they're all formatted as as Windows drives since the Macs can read that format without additional software.

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    You can reformat it for sure, i'm not sure if you need 3rd party tools to do so, but i know hundreds of people have done it.

    You could always keep it formatted in the mac filesystem (HFS+) and use a HFS reader/etc. tool for windows to copy stuff over too, if you so desire.

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    Well, if you have a computer purchased from like Dell, Gateway or something like that... and the warranty is still valid I don't recommend the iPod, If this is your case I would recommend the Dell DJ, not as good at the iPod but close to it, unless of course you had a firewire port installed when you bought it. If you customly made your computer than no problem just go out and for like 20 bucks buy a firewire PC port.

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