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    Low Budget Bandwidth needed


    I'm searching for a low price bandwidth provider for a freehosting project ( We need rented or leased servers and offers for 50 or 100 mbit lines. Our premium bandwidth is comming from isprime right now, we need an alternative offer now for our customers with WAY lower prices. Premium costs me about $30-35 now, so we need some extremely lower prices, maybe cogent.

    ICQ 436541 Email: [email protected]

    Thanks, Jan

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    Why do you want to host free websites when you do not have the means to provide it ? - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    Cogent offers really cheap bandwidth ($10 per meg) if you are in a cogent lit building, otherwise they are not so cheap. I also know that offers cheap bw.

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    Its , not "" The lowest they go is $33/meg (so they clear a nice $13 margin).

    My understanding has always been that the lowest Cogent bandwidth was $20/meg (on 1000 megabit commit). Where did you get $10 from?

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