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Thread: Selling PC

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    Selling PC

    Hey guys, i'm selling a pc, because i need a laptop, here are the details:

    Specs for pc for sale:

    3.066 Ghz P4 Processor

    Abit BH7-E i845PE Motherboard

    200GB ata133 Western Digital Hard Disk

    80GB IBM Hard Disk

    Corsair 1024MB DDR PC3200 RAM

    Abit 123MB Siluro FX5200 Graphics Card

    Lite-on DVD Writer

    Lite-on DVD Reader

    Sony FDD

    Zalman S478 Copper CPU Flower Cooler

    CWT 450W PSU

    Thermaltake V1000A Xaser III Case

    Pine Internal Software-based modem

    15" TFT Monitor

    Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

    2.1 Surround Sound Speaker

    Not sure on price, few offers would be nice . i'm selling because i want a laptop, so if you have one i could trade if you have anything of similar specs.


    PS: Some pictures:

    MSN/Email: [email protected]

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    i guess your from the uk if you get know one to buy it here try my computer site im sure someone would buy it

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