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    Cant delete .htaccess file

    Hi, I have just bought a new reseller account and it has come to the time to transfer my accounts and my clients accounts.

    I have hit a problem with 3 accounts, all of which have empty .htaccess files in them.

    When attempting to transfer the accounts i cant (or should i say the techies cant) because of these .htaccess files. So off i trundle in to cpanel file manager to delete them, but, because they are an empty file i cant delete them/edit them/move them, basically i cant do anything with them.

    I have tried replacing them with a .htaccess file which has something inside but that doesnt work.

    I seem to remember this problem occuring a long time ago but i cant remember how i fixed it.

    Any ideas?

    - Jamie Harrop

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    Log into the server via shell, and su to root

    cd into the directories, ls them to make sure you see the .htaccess file.

    chmod 777 .htaccess

    and then you should be able to delete them.
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    You could also log in as root and then just remove the file. However since it is a reseller account I do not think you have root access. I recommend contacting your web host to remove the file.

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