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    I've been getting HUGE amounts of lag up to 400 latency when i connect to my server. Does anyone get this too?? What is wrong with Scranton network recently?? It's been happening the past day and then last sunday also... I'm doubting if i'm staying with them or not....

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    "Supposedly" they're getting some DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), and they're overloading the other GigE pipes to route the "Real" traffic, AFAIK.

    Checked BurstNET forums lately? That can help... Could you post a Traceroute and a Ping please?


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    Originally posted by BurstNET
    Few random large DDOS attacks....nothing major or ongoing.
    We've dealt with them as they occur, and usually pretty quickly.
    Amen... Us providers could be throttling back several gigabit of DDoS and still the only thing anyone cares about is the fact that the network dropped out for a few minutes (or whatever the case may be)

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    Seems wierd to me that at an attack that has been around for so long still has no good prevention.

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    webephex its not just one attack. When u keep getting targeted of ddos left and right on multiple ips its hard to just filter them when u have random attack. Each attack has to be filtered manually i m supposing. Its a good thing burst now dealt with thios more faster then any one notices...
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