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    Best config of TTL in DNS


    (I'm not sure if it's the right forum for this question, if not coudl a nice mod move it to the right one )

    I would like to know what are the best values to enter for TTL.
    I just suscribed to Dnmadeeasy to manage my dns there... IThey gives TTL value b ydefault at 1800, is it not too short?

    But in another way, it seems good to have a short one cos' in case of problem, if you move your site to another server an need to have the new IP quickly taken into consideration then the 1800 in good... Or I think so...

    Any advice point of views are welcome

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    If you do make too frequent changes then setting up an TTL of lesser value will be fine.

    I do prefer having 2 nameservers for a domain with an TTL value set to 3600.


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    I too is using value of 3600. If you decrease the value further then some DNS check tools ( ask you to increase it to the standard value of 3600.

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