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    crap telecommunications company, READ!!!

    Hi there members,

    i wanted anyone to comment on something i saw on our Internet provider's website, they think they are pros., but they turned out to be amateurs, anyways i took my way and went to them, explained the mistake, but they wouldnt understand, and they said how could a kid teach us our work? beleive it or not , they dont even know what Kbps is, and they claim they know everything, and again they spoke to me in SUCH a bad way, you cant imagine. SO, what i am doing not is a report about them, which i am going to send to the crown price here, but i need comments from other people as well (You!) .

    This is the page:

    Mistake 1: they provide DSL/ Cable modems at speeds of 384Kbps and 1Mbps and 2Mbps, however you could notice the way they are explaining it as: 384Kbps (correct) , but then 1MB and 2MB is just crap.

    Mistake 2: click on demos>>> file transfer, and just see the crap that is there, they are showing a comparison between 56K, 384Kbps, 1Mbps, and 2Mbps. Problem is they dont know the difference between Kbps (Kilobit/sec) Which is the standard way of measuring connection speed, and KBps (KiloByte/sec) which is the standard for measuring filetransfer etc...

    supposedly 1 Byte = 8 Bits, although not very precise, it is the best way to calculate Byte/Bit ratio.

    Problem is, they wont listen to me, so i know better ways to deal with them, please help provide feedback , for it would be very helpful.

    Thank You,

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    I find that many of these foreign speaking companies actually know their stuff, but they have difficulty expressing themselves in english, making them look like fools and accidentally deceiving others in the process.
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    no thats not the problem, for example i am an arab, i think i know how to express myself just fine, and beleive it or not, they speak english 10x better than me. I dont think that should be the problem, this is more of a technical issue, and problem is that they dont want to admit that they are wrong, anyways you didnt tell me what you think about whats written?

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    I think if they won't listen, don't go with them. And your English is better than mine, and I am British!! lol
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