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    Which Dedicated Server Provider with Live Web Chat is the best value for money

    I had been doing my research and looking around for a dedicated server provider that provide 24/7 Live Web Chat Technical Support.

    It seems that not many didicated server provider had this kind of service which I wonder why? Most, if not all, claim that they had 24/7 Support, Toll-free number, etc, I'm wondering how come not many service provider had this 24/7 Live Web Chat for their technical support? Is Live Web Chat support more expensive that a Toll-free number support?

    I'm not living in United States where the bargin service provider are, so live chat support is really important, like me (for international customer) to get in touch with the technical department and get a fast and quick support.

    So,.. anyone had any input?

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    You should contact the dedicated server provider to see if live chat is available and tell them your situation. Although live chat is not advertised on the web site I am sure the dedicated server provider would provide you with live chat if you contacted them.

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    Yes,.. I try asking a few,.. some of them are even well-known in the hosting area, however, some of them only provide live sale web chat,.. and technical support is only by email or trouble ticket...

    So, I'm wondering:

    1. How difficult is for serivce provider to provide 24/7 Live Support Web Chat?
    2. What is the cost of it? If you are looking for cheap hosting, it almost does come without a 24/7 Live Support Technical Web Chat. So is it really expensive to support that?

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    i know ezzi has web support, dunno if it is 24/7
    Robin Alex
    At your service....

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    yes,.. I got a server with them. I'm happy with them,.. however, the plan only come with 500Bandwidth,.. adding more monthly transfer is expensive... 1GB per $1,... so it is X. Nevertheless, at this point, I don't need such a big bandwidth, so I'm still looking around of expansion.

    As for Web Support,.. so far so good,.. Ask them a few quick questions, all can be answered quickly...

    Anyway, I don't really need them... as long as there is no hardware problem.. or if I reboot the system and it can't come up then I need them to look into it.

    I started off hosting my web site with Shared Virtual Plan,.. but I found out that I don't really have control of thing should or shouldn't be in the server such as I need the latest perl package rather the one that is installed in the system. End up, I had to installed those that I want in my local home directory and calling these library from there.

    So,.. anyone had any input about why service provider choose not to provide Technical Web Chat?

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    Just go with Ev1...

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