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    Registerfly or Godaddy?

    I'm looking for a reliable registrar that is fairly cheap. A few dollars difference doesn't really matter, but I don't want to spend $20-$30 on a domain. I figure my two best options are Registerfly and Godaddy.

    I registered on Registerfly, and I must say their domain manager looks very nice. They also offer an option to pay via Paypal, something I would REALLY like to have. Great features too. On the other hand, I've read horror stories on these forums about their support (and people losing domains). Making me think twice on them...

    Godaddy seems fine. Nothing special, but low cost. I'm not a big fan of their domain manager, but it works. I registered a domain with them before, and didn't have any problems. Although it did renew it for a 2nd year when I remember telling it not to. Anyways, they don't offer Paypal support. I have read horror stories about them as well.

    Who are you registered with? Opinions of them? I really don't need a lot of bells and whistles, just reliable DNS and maybe email forwarding. I'd really like to have the convenience of Paypal, but if GoDaddy is much better...

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    I wouldn't use either. If you want PayPal go with NameCheap.

  3. I've registered a .biz domain on RegisterFly and I've no problems at all, great domain manager interface!

    If you want to pay by PayPal, use NameCheap, but if you want to register .biz or .us domains you have to use RegisterFly, because they only ask $5.99 for a .biz or .us.

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    godaddy all the way

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    I have been with Registerfly, Godaddy, Namecheap and other registrars.

    offers a really good and efficient domain manager and I never had any problem with them (live support is not that good sometimes). Also, they have sub-accounts which is nice, if you want to offer your clients access to their domains. The domain manger alone was the reason to move all my and my clients domains to registerfly.

    Their domain manager has improved a lot and they offer the best support of all 3... kind of personal. They certainly are a great choice and offer a superb support. If you don't have too many domains, go with them.

    was my first of the cheaper registrars after internic and netsol. After having no problems for more than 1 year, I suddenly had problems moving a few domains away from them and had to contact the BBB to have my domains transferred away from them. After that, I moved all my domains away from them ... No registrar likes to lose domains, but that should be my choice ...

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    With namecheap, you get more of a personal relationship with support. It's when you have problems the difference becomes apparent.

    I've had things where Rick fixed it right away. With the others you don't know exaclty who your dealing with and can be a real problem if you had to get something important done. If they understand you at all.


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    RegisterFly, have nearly 2000 names with them and no problems. Excellent domain manager, the best reporting and security options I have seen with any major registrar(This is important to me). For those interested in payment options they offer paypal, stormpay, emo, money orders, credit cards so they offer a good selection of option. They are also supposedly moving to phone support in June which will probably also make support even better. I use a few other registrars but the bulk of my names I keep with RegisterFly
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  8. Originally posted by BizB
    godaddy all the way
    Yes, but they don't accept PayPal payments...
    And the RegisterFly domain manager is better then GoDaddy.
    But if you want cheap domains, use GoDaddy, but too bad, no Paypal..

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    so RegisterFly for the domain manager and NameCheap for the support...

    Any other major differences between the two? How easy is it to transfer domains to their service? Away from their service?


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    I have transferred more than 200 domains away from and to registerfly and namecheap without any problem - everything went smoothly.

    Only had problems transferring away from Godaddy.

  11. There are more people who have sometimes some (small) problems with Godaddy...

    Anyway, RegisterFly and NameCheap are one of the best PayPal registars.

    Use NameCheap for all your registrations, but for .biz and .us domains you have to use RegisterFly.

    Good luck!

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