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    Question some questions!!

    1-their prices have extra money for cpanel?
    for example if their price about 1 server in their site is 100$/month should i pay 100$+19$/month for cpanel???
    2-the cpanel include fantastico?
    if not howmuch is fantastico price?
    sorry for my bad english

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    I believe it's +$19/m

    You can get fantastico here:

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    Yes you need to pay extra fo Cpanel. If you dont need it then you won't need to pay, but if you do then pay for it. Their cpanel does not include fantastico, you can buy it

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    Originally posted by shraz
    I believe it's +$19/m

    You can get fantastico here:
    tanx .
    i have another question!
    xcontroller is free on cpanel or i should buy it?

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