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    Question Root WHM9 DNS questions.

    Hello first of all I need to make name server ip for and ns2. how do I do that? And how do I add ip to resolve to and while is parked to ns1/ns2 to resolve it to ip I resolved to :-S ? Thank you.

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    nameserver setup

    Have you created the nameserver entries with your registrar? Most of them have some sort of method for associating an IP with a nameserver.

    Once that's done, you should just be able to type the nameservers in the WHM 'setup' screen.

    You might also want to edit /etc/nameserverips to select the IP addresses you want your nameservers to have. There's also a method in WHM to do this: "Manage Nameserver IP's" There you just type the domain and it automatically selects an available IP address and gives it to the nameserver you specified.

    Hope that helps.
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