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    Problem with PlanetDomain

    I am posting it here after I run out of all options.

    I recently became a reseller of planet domain and through there support system I requested them to setup a subdomain for me on 3rd May

    On the 12th May I posted another request and on the 13th the support ticket was closed by Robyn Canfield without actually doing anything. So i posted another suppport ticket and nothing is done till date.

    In the mean time I tried to post in there newsgroup telling my problem and asking if there is any no I can call or something i can do and my posts was deleted before it made it to the group and I could not find any other option to contact them.

    What a great support. Is there any other good domain reseller provider for australian domains.


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    sub-domains isn't a feature provided by domain registration provider unless they offer DNS hosting.

    you need to create sub-domains at your nameservers that hosts domain in concern.
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    Hello Navneet

    I emailed you directly last week re: the subdomain you want to set up. Perhaps you didn't receive it? Anyway, please contact me directly at [email protected] and I will arrange for this to be set up for you ASAP. You can also call me on 613-9923-3792 if you ever need anything done. In the mean time I will also ask Robyn why she closed your ticket.



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    Thanks murraykester,

    I will give you a call tommorow. No I didnt get any mail regarding the subdomain. One suggestion though, if we are allowed to post freely in your newsgroup and express our problems we will be able to solve problems between us instead of posting in public forums. I think it only harms your reputation to your potential resellers.

    Bashar I was talking about the subdomain which PlanetDomain sets up for the resellers on there server. At the nameserver we can only create the A record pointing to them but then they have to setup the virtual host.


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