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    * Need a custom logo, soon as possible..

    I usually make all of my own logos for my websites. For some reason though, I can't seem to design one for I'm looking for someone to make me a logo that will match the name Skylancer. For the logo itself, I'm looking for an original design. Here's a website, and on the main page, you'll see the logo.

    The logo on the above website is the style that I want. Some kind of cool shapes that end up forming something..such as a helmet. For the name Skylancer though, I was thinking of something like a knight on a horse, with a lance, maybe in the sky. I would like the shapes that are used to be as simple as possible, such as the game company Tantalus, with their roman helmet. If you guys have a better logo idea, please go right ahead. If anyone is up to the challenge, I'd be willing to pay. But I'd like to see the logo before I pay via paypal. Also, this is my first time asking for a custom logo, would it be alright for me to see the work before I pay? If theirs anyone out there up to the challenge please go ahead and start making the logo as soon as possible. Once your done with it, please email me it, probably with a water mark of some sort, so you dont have to worry about me not paying(which is not an issue). If you respond to this post, please let me know if your willing to do it, and your price for the logo. I'd like to get as many logo examples as possible before this Sunday, so I can pick one. Thanks for anyone willing to do this.

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    Another idea I had for the logo. Heres the link for a galloping Knight and horse

    Maybe someone could make a galloping horse with a knight and his lance and blend it onto a cloud or sky, making it look like the horse is running on top of the cloud/sky. And while doing all of this, still able to use cool shapes and curves, instead of straight out images, just like the example of Tantalus Games.

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    Hello, i would like to know your budget.

    Here is my samples:

    PACK 1

    PACK 2


    Let me know, please.

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    Sergio, whats a typical price for a custom logo? I've never asked for one I have no idea.

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    I usually charge about 70-200 US$ to do a logo, depending the kind of work you need.

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    Well, I may be willing to go $70, if I the logo. Would you mind making a rough draft logo for skylancer, so I can see what you have in mind? For $70+, I really have to see what your gonna come up with. I saw your work, your style may fit what I'm looking for with the skylancer logo. But as I said, if you can email me a skylancer logo, watermarked, I'd appreciate it.

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    What is your AIM so that we can talk about this?
    Primary email: advanced dot programmer at gmail dot com ..

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    superprogram, it's FantomFX. I'll go on it right now.

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    Hello Hellion... im sorry but dont work for contests.

    I usually charge a small percent upfront, full paid when you are fully agree with the work before i send you the files.

    I only can say you i never stop working until get exactly what you need.

    Good luck !!

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    Dang sergio, I saw your portfolio too. You may have been able to come up with something I liked. If I'm not able to find a logo from the other guys, I may go to you.

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    Ok, contact me by email and we talk about details.

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    Sergio, any chance you have AIM?

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    screen name sergitosuanez

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    I sent you an e-mail
    Blazen Designs
    Temporary Portfolio

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    Eulogo, I just sent you an email. Yes, I'm still interested. I'd love to see what you can come up with. Do you have AIM? My aim name is FantomFX.

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    I sent You my samples ----- it's just previev version so let me know if one of them is exactly what You wanted then I'll prepere it (changing size, colour or correction it's not a problem)
    I think that white logo will fit with Your site.........PEACE

    --------------------------------- EULOGO ------------------------------------

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    sorry helion my delivery failed ........... check now


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    Helion..........I got AIM my name is "wocio" we can talk now

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