I too am a Victim. I was mislead in to getting a Web store by nothing but lies!

Around two years ago I called about an ad, which said “Work at Home Working with Websites full or part time no exp necessary”, When I spoke to the sales person he told me that I can have my own Web Store and make money the next day. I told him I was a single mom and I’ m not working because I am disabled “He said no problem you will have the site up in a day and make the money back in a day after you get the site up and running. I told him I still did not have the money to do this but he went on and on about everything like how my site will be submitted to the top search engines, marketing ads plus 24 hr support, etc. I would be able to make the money back with in 24 hrs and the store would pay for it's self .He also told me I will not be charged until I am ready to start, All LIES . I had to pay for everything. Merchant account, access account, hosting, marketing ads, search engines, act. A few weeks later I called asked for the same guy, they told me he was fired for misleading other people. I told them my situation that I felt I was taken advantage and tricked in to getting the store. I told them I could not pay for the store and I was still disabled and I would like to cancel the lease, Well he told me it was a non refundable lease and that I had to Pay 82.95 a month for 4 years. That is almost $4000 I have paid over $2113 plus everything else I paid out. I have been back and forth with them in last two years. The company was very rude, mean and nasty and would not help in any way. In last year I also found out they went bankrupt and a new company took over. The new company, Irvine Web Works doesn’t even have my information, yet they are still taken money out every month. I still have never made any money!
Can someone Please help me?