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    * Micfo and IX Webhosting

    So I'm searching for a web host and someone here recommended me Micfo, I checked their website and it looks pretty good, now I had in mind before IX webhosting but I read about "the scam" and now I'm confused.
    Someone in the forum also recommended me to check all these web host review sites and none of them listed Micfo so now I'm really confused.
    There are too many web hosts and I need to make up my mind. I'm looking for a host for my small business, very small. (for now!)

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    IX Webhosting is pretty much due to the fact tha the owner is one of the ex-partner of one of the biggest hosting fiasco on the internet - Featureprice.

    he is also known to own several review sites that proclaim his own hosting company as the best. Not really illegal and he's not the only one doing it... but well, just don't sit well with some as good business ethical practices.

    Generally if you have an idea of what you need, it will be easier. For example what's your website needed for (just a company info page, a ecommerce site, or ?) as well as important usage (for example email must always be up etc).

    From there, you can obviously read up on some of their reviews here as well. Just take everything you read with a pinch of salt.
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    If they're involved in some sort of scam, go with Micfo instead.

    Brendan Diaz

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    Daniela, if the company is not listed at hosting review sites, that does not mean there is something wrong with the company. However, I do remember seeing Micfo on at least a couple review web sites, including:

    I think, since you came down to two names, you should contact each, ask same questions and see how they respond. Whatever you like best - go with it.

    However, when people ask, I recommend Micfo based on personal experience.

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    Is your company represented?

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