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    IB Forum Skin + 2 Templates. 1 w/ Flash.


    - Get the skin files.
    - And the psds for the banner and the buttons.

    All depends on the first bid. I will either sell this for $15, but I retain resell rights. Or someone can give me a decent bid and I will give them exclusive rights.

    Either way this skin definitely stands out and would make your invision board look nice.

    With this template you get:

    - Exclusive Rights [It's all yours]
    - Main Page + 2 Sub Pages Fully Coded in HTML and CSS
    - All Fonts Used
    - All Patterns Used + MOre
    - All Images
    - 4 well sliced PSDs (one for each design + one for plans)

    Here's the images:

    I'll sell this one for $120; however, I'll take a lower bid but if it reaches $120 it's yours automatically.

    With this template you get:

    - Exclusive Rights [It's all yours]
    - Fully Coded HTML + CSS version of the layout
    - PSD, fully and well sliced.
    - Flash File From Banner (Yes the .fla)
    - All Fonts Used
    - All Patterns Used + More
    - All Images and SWF file.

    Here's the images:
    Let me know if you want to see the flash banner...

    Not set price on this one. Give me a bid.

    Note: On both templates the areas in the menu that are highlighted are showing you the rollover effect on the links. Also all logos, names, slogans, etc... can be changed, they are just to preview the design.

    Contact me at: [email protected]
    ICQ: 67899177
    AIM: ParXBuster
    Or PM me.

    I accept Paypal.

    Thank you.
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    Do you have a link for the flash?


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    There's the link, I recommend you click save target as and view it from flash player instead of in the browser. That way it will maintain it's correct size. It's nothing elaborate, just highlighting boxes but it works really well in the layout.

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    Those are some very nice designs. Good luck with the sale!

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