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    * search

    i know there is a restriction on the length of search terms but can some be excluded?

    in particular IP and UK

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    i think its possible if im understanding your question correctly
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    Really right now the best approach if you want to use complex searches is to abandon vB's search function completely and search the site using Google, with a query something like this: searchterm1 searchterm2 -ip -uk

    That would return pages at WHT containing "searchterm1" and "searchterm2" but not including "ip" or "uk"

    BUT... word is that WHT's own search feature will be upgraded soon, and you will probably be able to do stuff like that once that's completed.
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    And google checks WHT alot. Sometimes when searching for something to help someone who posted a thread, I find that thread on the first page of google! Not to mention all the times I'm searching for something completely unrelated to WHT, or maybe a little bit, and results come up from WHT.
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